If You Can Imagine It. Royal Coat™ Can Do It!

Basements | Foyers | Hallways | Living Areas | Sun Decks | Baths | Kitchens

Have you ever dreamed of a marble floor, slate floor or a tiled floor, but it was simply not affordable? Then you should consider Royal Coat™ interior finished floors. Affordable, and nearly maintenance free. Royal Coat™ interior finished floors are simply the most affordable and most attractive way to achieve the home of your dreams. How about a stone wall in your foyer, ask about our Wall Overlays. Or the ever popular acid washed kitchen floors that will make everyone envious of your kitchen. If you can imagine it, Royal Coat™ can do it.

We simply start with naked concrete and we can magically create a floor that will have any guest in your home or business talking.

With over 80 alluring and vibrant colors and hundreds of stamping patterns, Royal Coat™ can give you the interior finish you have always dreamed about. Plus, we are not limited to a set pattern. We can create a pattern or any art-work you might "imagine".

If you want to have something you can show off, not something that all of your friends or neighbors have, then Royal Coat Interiors is perfect for you.

Benefits of Using Royal Coat Interior Concrete Finishes:

• Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
• Reduces allergens compared to carpeting
• Doesn't scratch like wood floors - especially if you are a pet friendly home
• Less Expensive than regular tile, limestone, slate or marble
• Create your own pattern, color and grout finishes
• Can be carpeted or flooring can be placed over the finishes if your home is sold and the new owners prefer a different surface finish.

With Royal Coats versatility, its look of distinction, its natural qualities, and the display of superior craftsmanship, you will want to make your home a Royal Coat home in every way possible; from the floors, to the walls and to all your exterior finishes.