Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Information

Q. Is it a Paint?
A. Our concrete coating is NOT a paint or stain, it is formulated using tough acrylics. color pigments and cemetitions materials.

Q.What about stains?
A. Our material is oil, rust and mildew resistant.

Q. How do you clean it?
A. You can clean your decorative coating with ordinary dishwashing liquid and rinse with water.

Q. What type of care needs to be taken?
A. Solvents and solvent based liquids (Gasoline, Paint thinner, Pine-Sol) can damage the coating.

Q.How Much "$"?
A. Average prices are $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot for concrete coating and 6.00 to $9.00 per square foot for stamped overlay.

These prices depend on
• Size
• Condition of surface
• Design
• Patterns chosen
• Number of colors

Q. What about cracks in concrete?
A. Due to expansion, concrete will crack. We repair cracks prior to application, although, more often than not, the crack will return as a hairline crack. Many of the patterns we offer help to camouflage cracks in your concrete.

Technical Report
Shear Bond Strength
(Strength of bond between two surfaces)
Un-modified Cement
80 PSI
Modified Cement
250 PSI
Tensile Strength
(The ability to resist pulling apart)
210 PSI925 PSI
Comprehensive Strength
(How much weight can be applied
before breakage)
2265 PSI4365 PSI
Flexural Strength
(The ability to withstand pressure
between points of contact)
750 PSI1830 PSI
Impact Strength
(How much force is required to break
the surface)
5 in. Lbs.37 in. Lbs.
Abrasion Resistance
(Percentage of weight loss under
abrasive wheels)