What is Decorative Concrete?

It's not the naked concrete you are used to seeing. It is one of the most cost effective ways to decorate the interior and exterior of a home or office. It allows you to be innovative in your design approach and perhaps create something no one else has in their residence or commercial.

Royal Coat™ is for every homeowner, as well as most businesses and commercial institutions. Royal Coat™ can be used to decorate & finish sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, shower stalls, foyers, basements, vertical building surfaces, front entrances, lobby areas, interior corridors, garage floors, bathroom floors, countertops, and more. If you can imagine it, Royal Coat™ offers a finished surface for it.

Product Categories

Textures add an entirely new dimension to flat, smooth surfaces. Instead of a blank slate, you'll have a non-skid surface that will attract attention, add visual interest and warm the environment with an earthy, organic feel. Spray Textures also help hide minor imperfections that become an eyesore.

Thin-stamped overlays are the answer for existing concrete surfaces. Stamping the thin-layered polymer cement material gives a permanent and realistic look of stone, slate, and tile. With decreased costs, but increased versatility, Royal Coat's thin-stamped overlays give you more for your concrete floor.

This is one of the hottest and most popular textures in America today. With appropriate technique, we apply this wonderful texture with great uniformity and consistency. This application gives your property added beauty, slip-resistance, and durability. Add color to your concrete with many colors to choose from.

This application is perfect for garage floors! It's non-skid, easy to clean, and comes in speckle or tile patterns.

This technique creates transparent, permanent colors in concrete. It creates a permanent color reaction that provides translucent coloration or the natural effect of weathering.

Commercial and residential, many color blends, vinyl chips embedded in acrylic or urathane sealers, resembles an elegant granite floor.

Royal Coat has developed many very unique applications that can be applied to walls and even sinks and countertops. Visit our showroom or discuss the many new Royal Coat applications with one of our sales representatives.

Add something "Special" to your driveway or pool deck. Dolphins, Palm trees, Lighthouses or Monograms are just a few of the designs available.

Let us add beauty and elegance to your business with one of our many durable concrete coatings or overlays. Our applications are perfect for entries, lobbies, restaurants or office floors, bars, etc...

This exclusive Royal Coat application is perfect for exterior pools, patios, driveways or any concrete surface. Add beauty to your home or business with this one of a kind concrete coating.